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Six Myths About Hiring A Coal Miner Attorney

Those who have worked as coal miners often experience severe health problems as a result of their work. If you are a coal miner who has struggled with health problems because of your past work experiences, you might want to pursue compensation for your injuries with the help of a coal miner attorney.

Unfortunately, there are many myths out there about coal miner on-the-job injury claims. The following are six myths you shouldn't believe about hiring a coal miner attorney. 

Any lawyer with experience pursuing on-the-job injury claims will do.

If you want to enjoy the best possible chances of winning compensation in your case, it's best to hire an attorney with experience representing coal miners. A coal miner attorney may already have a network of expert witnesses who are qualified to testify on coal mining injuries. This will be a huge asset to you in your case. 

There aren't any legal protections specifically designed for coal miners.

If you are a former coal miner who is pursuing compensation for a work injury involving the lungs, you may want to familiarize yourself with the Black Lung Benefits Act. Many former coal miners are able to receive benefits through this act. 

It's hard for a coal miner attorney to prove that the injuries of ex-miners are related to their previous mining work.

Some clients may worry that it will be hard to pinpoint the exact cause of their injuries. This is especially true for coal miners who are smokers as well and are pursuing compensation for lung problems.

However, an experienced coal miner attorney can succeed in showing that your past coal mining experience contributed to your lung problems and that your lung issues were not solely caused by smoking. 

Clients need to pay upfront to hire a coal miner attorney.

Most coal miner attorneys charge a contingency fee. With this arrangement, lawyers are paid a percentage of the amount of compensation that the client receives. Contingency fees make it so that clients don't have to pay anything upfront. 

It will take a long time for your coal miner attorney to be able to get a settlement for your case.

While clients often need to be patient and wait for quite some time before their coal miner attorney wins compensation, some coal mining injury cases actually reach a settlement quickly. 

Coal miner attorneys only pursue compensation for lung problems.

There are many types of injury that coal miners may experience on the job and pursue compensation for. You shouldn't assume that you won't be able to pursue compensation for any injury other than a lung problem as a former coal miner.

Coal miner attorneys also assist former miners with pursuing compensation for injuries like falls, burns, flooding accidents, and much more.  

For more info, contact a local coal miner lawyer