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Things To Know When Pursuing A Slip And Fall Case

Did you slip and fall at work or at the location of a local business? Is it clear that someone or something created a situation that made it more likely that someone would slip and injure themselves? You may have a potential slip and fall personal injury case on your hands. If you want to maximize your chances of success with this type of case, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Worker's Compensation Might Not Fully Cover You

If your injury occurred at the workplace, your first thought might be to pursue a worker's compensation claim, and that may very well be the smart first move. But keep in mind that in some cases, worker's compensation may not cover all of the fallout from your injury. For example, you may get coverage for your medical bills but not for your pain and suffering. In this scenario, you would still want to file a slip and fall lawsuit in order to be fully compensated.

You Will Want an Attorney

If you do intend to go the slip and fall route from a legal perspective, you should know right off the bat that whichever company you intend to sue likely already has an attorney or possibly an entire team of lawyers ready to attack. You will want to hire your own slip and fall lawyer to ensure you are standing on even ground with whoever you are suing.

You Will Need Evidence and a Story

One reason having an attorney is a big help is that your lawyer will already know what the best practices are for securing different types of evidence such as a video clip of your fall. Your lawyer can also help with creating the narrative you will try to bring to the negotiating table or courtroom. The person or company you are suing is going to try and deflect blame back onto some other party, most likely you, the person that fell. Your attorney can help you craft a story that leaves no doubt as to what went down.

Help With Expert Witnesses

Slip and fall cases often rely on claims of negligence against whoever was in charge of safety at the site of the fall. One way to prove negligence is to hire one or more expert witnesses to bolster your claims. For example, your witness could testify that a retail store should typically follow a set of best practices regarding workplace safety, and then you can show that the retail store where you fell was clearly disregarding or ignoring these best practices.

For more information, talk to a slip and fall lawyer.