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Be Prepared To Show How Your Disability Affects These Aspects Of Your Life

Applying for Social Security disability is a lengthy process that can be nerve-wracking. However, you're not guaranteed to be denied the first time, and you can appeal denials. But to do that successfully, you need a Social Security disability attorney guiding you through the process. You'll have to show how your injury or illness prevents you from working and earning money, and if you don't have an attorney helping you, you could phrase something incorrectly or leave out information, increasing the chance of denial.

Basic Movements

Depending on the type of injury or illness you had, you could have been left with some or no ability to do many basic movements. You'll have to show that these effects prevent you from working even though it may seem obvious to you why you can't work and need disability benefits. The Social Security administration department that reviews disability applications will need to see how every basic movement, from sitting up to reaching across a table, is affected by your injury or illness.

Daily Activities

If you can shop for yourself, work on a computer from home, get dressed, and so on, then your injury isn't quite limiting you in the way that Social Security would consider to be a full disability. This is not the same for everyone, of course, and there is a big difference between being able to put on a shirt and being able to dress yourself independently enough to show you have enough range of motion to work. You'll need an attorney to help craft your application to show that what you can do is not enough to let you hold down a job.

Your Ability to Work at Any Full or Part-Time Job

You would think that if you had trouble caring for yourself, then working even part-time would be out of the question, and Social Security would sign you up for disability benefits, right? Not necessarily. The administration will want to know how your disability keeps you from working in any field, including ones you hadn't thought about. For example, if you were working in construction and got hurt, the administration will see if you can work at a desk job. If you're thinking that's obvious, keep in mind that it isn't for a lot of people. They're used to working in one type of field and don't realize that they may have to branch out in their job search.

This is why you need a good Social Security disability attorney representing you. Not only can they word your application correctly and show how your life has been affected, they can spot situations in which people have applied for disability because their injury stops them from working in fields they know about but not others that they might not have realized they could apply for. Of course, if you think even those fields are out of bounds because of your injury, speak with the attorney to let them know why.

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