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Why It Makes Financial Sense To Get Professional Disability Benefits Assistance Before Filing

If you recently became disabled and are unable to earn like you once did, you might be struggling financially and looking for help. The Social Security Administration does provide benefits for those with a disability that impacts their income earning potential, but getting approved for a payout or regular payments is not always straightforward, with a good chunk of first-time applicants being denied. Hiring an expert like an attorney to walk you through this process may improve the odds of approval, but you also might be thinking that you can't afford an attorney right now. Here's why hiring an attorney to provide you with disability benefits assistance is actually the smart financial move.

You May Not Have to Pay Much Until You Get Paid By the Government

Many disability attorneys understand that someone filing for disability payments might be in a financial bind. That's why many attorneys that focus on this industry don't charge significant fees until after the client is approved for payments by the SSA. In other words, if the reason you don't want to hire an attorney is because you think you can't afford it, then think again. Your attorney can help you get started on your initial application and it might not cost you as much as you think or possibly not anything at all. Take advantage of this expert advice knowing that you won't have to pay for it in full until later.

Your Attorney Can Help Maximize Your Payout or Ongoing Payments

When filing for disability benefits, there are multiple options available and the amount of money you can get is calculated based on things like your previous income, your future earning potential, and much more. A good attorney will know how to set up your application in order to apply for as much money as possible, maximizing your potential payout or ongoing payments. Not hiring an attorney to walk you through this process might result in you shortchanging yourself for years by not getting the maximum payment that you were actually entitled to.

An Attorney Can Help You Get Through the Appeal Process Faster

Time is often of the essence for those with a disability. You have medical bills to pay and you need assistance as quickly as you can get it. A good lawyer can help initiate this process and keep your application or appeal moving through the system. The end result is that you'll get the money you need faster when you have an expert legal adviser constantly checking in with the SSA on your behalf. Contact an attorney for more information regarding disability benefits assistance.