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Appealing Case Rejections By Hiring A Disability Claim Attorney

Judges that preside over Social Security disability cases deny a significant number of first-time cases. They often find that these initial cases lack enough evidence to substantiate people's claims of being disabled. They also deny cases because of their obligation to protect funds in this program and ensure that the money only goes to people who genuinely deserve it.

With that, it is reasonable to expect that your first case will be denied. However, you can hire a disability claim attorney to file an appeal and keep your case on the court docket.

Providing More Evidence

If the judge denied your first case because of a lack of evidence, you can hire a disability claim attorney to find and provide more proof of your injury or illness to the court. He or she may secure more medical evidence, such as doctors' records, prescription receipts, and written testimonies from your therapists, to show that you cannot reasonably earn an income.

If your condition is terminal, it also may qualify you for immediate payments. Your disability claim attorney can provide proof to the court that you are not expected to survive this condition and that you cannot go to work and earn an income because of it.

Pursuing Back Payments

When you have a disability claim attorney working for you, you can also pursue back payments to which you are entitled. In fact, you have the right to recoup money from the date that you first applied for payments. If it has been several months or years since you submitted your first case, you could be entitled to a large lump sum payment.

Your lawyer can make sure that you are paid the entirety of what you are owed and that your lump sum payment is issued promptly. You can receive payments that you should have received when you first filed.

Finally, if you were previously approved for payments but the state wants you to renew your case, you can hire a disability claim attorney for assistance. Your lawyer can show that your health has not changed, if not worsened, and that you cannot work a full-time job.

A disability claim attorney can provide a number of services when you need to appeal your denial. He or she can provide more evidence for your case. Your lawyer can also pursue back payments and help you renew your case for continued benefits.

Reach out to an attorney, such as Scott E. Shaffman Attorney At Law, for more information.