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When To Hire A Nursing License Defense Attorney

If you fear that your nursing license is on the line, you may need legal help. Nursing license defense is available to help you, but the first challenge comes with recognizing that you may be facing the loss of your license in the first place. As such, these are some of the situations in which you may need to hire an attorney to defend your nursing license.

You Are Accused of Misappropriate Drugs

If you have been accused of drug diversion, which is using prescription drugs in an unauthorized manner, you should hire an attorney to defend your license. Accusations of stealing drugs can be potentially career-altering. You could face criminal charges in addition to losing your license, which can be devastating. An attorney can help you fight these accusations by looking for the real cause of the medication error.

You Are Accused of a DUI

Even if you are accused of a DUI while not on the job, you could lose your license. A DUI can impact your career on top of impacting your personal life with criminal charges. Nurses facing disciplinary action should work with attorneys.

You Are Accused of Failing a Drug Test

Nurses may be asked to undergo regular drug tests. If you fail a drug test, you may be accused of using pain medications, marijuana, or other substances your job does not allow you to take. Your attorney will defend you and will look for other reasons why you could have failed the test.

You Face Difficulty Getting a Nursing License in the First Place

Some people struggle to even get a nursing license in the first place. This is a problem for students trying to become licensed nurses who have criminal histories or other types of disciplinary actions in their pasts. This could prevent you from getting the job you want, but an attorney can represent you and demonstrate why you deserve to have your license.

You Have Been Accused of Multiple Infractions

If you have been accused of multiple infractions, including drug test failure and practicing nursing while impaired, you are at an even higher risk of losing your license even if you are completely innocent.

Consult With a Nursing License Defense Attorney Today

If you meet any of these criteria, it is a good idea to speak with a nursing defense attorney. Your attorney will represent you during disciplinary hearings and other scenarios in which your license is at risk. Contact a company, such as Spiga & Associates, for more information.