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Hiring A Traffic Violation Lawyer To Protect Your Driving Record

Your driving record follows you throughout your life. You need to keep it as free from infractions as possible to retain your license and earn lower insurance premiums. 

However, it may be inevitable that you incur the occasional ticket for mishaps like speeding, illegal parking or other infractions. You can protect your driving record after being ticketed by hiring a traffic violation lawyer to represent you.

Dismissing the Ticket

A traffic violation lawyer can be instrumental in getting the ticket dismissed in court. If you have a clean driving record and no other infractions on it, you may not deserve to have this blemish follow you for years. You may instead be eligible to have the ticket thrown out and not entered into your record.

However, you need to convince the judge to grant you this legal courtesy. Instead of arguing before him or her yourself, you can make a more meaningful plea by hiring a traffic violation lawyer to speak for you.

Your attorney can present the facts of your case and ask that the judge dismiss the ticket. Your lawyer may convince the court to forgive the infraction, give you another chance to drive safely and prevent the ticket from making its way onto your driving record.

Lowering the Fine

If the judge decides against dismissing the ticket, he or she may still be open to lowering the fine that you must pay. Fines for driving infractions can be pricey. You must pay not only the price of the ticket, but also pay court costs and fees. The total can run into the hundreds or sometimes even thousands of dollars.

To avoid paying the maximum fine, you can hire a traffic violation lawyer to ask the court to lower the amount. Your attorney may be able to argue down the fine to the minimal amount. You may be able to pay just a few hundred dollars, if not less, to resolve your traffic ticket.

Finally, a traffic violation lawyer may be able to get tickets removed from your driving record. If you have paid the fines, taken driver education or completed a DUI rehab course, you may be eligible to have the infractions expunged. Your lawyer can file to get them permanently removed.

A traffic violation lawyer can request that the court dismiss your traffic tickets. He or she can also ask for lower fines and get infractions permanently expunged.