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Collided With A Big Truck? Why You Need An Attorney

Getting into a motor vehicle accident with a big truck can be absolutely devastating. The average semi-truck weighs in excess of 33,000 pounds and when all of that raw metal hits you at high speeds, the results are often brutal. Your life could totally change in a matter of minutes, causing you to sustain incredible injuries that take months or even years to recover from. Even if the damage doesn't seem to be very extensive there could be hidden backlash that isn't readily apparent. See why it is essential for you to get a truck wreck attorney on the case right away.

Multiple Parties Could Be At Fault

A big truck accident is often a complicated affair. Typically, when you get hit by a passenger vehicle, there usually aren't many people to go after. The other driver was operating the car so you will commonly pursue their auto insurance company for damages and restitution.

The situation changes when a semi-truck is involved. There could be a number of reasons why the driver ran into you. Maybe the person was illegally overworked by their employer and had been forced to spend so many hours behind the wheel that they fell asleep due to exhaustion. Or, the truck itself could have been poorly maintained by the parent company and caused the rig to malfunction just as the vessel came into contact with you. 

A skilled truck wreck attorney understands the importance of recovering compensation from every single party that could have possibly had anything to do with the collision. They will do the research to uncover the at-fault groups so that you can get as much money as possible.

Attorneys Keep You From Underestimating Your Case

The insurance company for the semi will more than likely go out of their way to offer you a lowball settlement. The amount might seem sufficient at the moment but you have to look at the situation from a broad perspective if you want to exercise good judgment.

What if injuries appear in the future that are a direct result of the accident? Will you have the money to cover therapy or medical treatment if you accept the amount of cash that is being thrown your way? An experienced lawyer knows that these are real questions that deserve logical answers. Their job is to keep you from doing something now that you regret later on.

It really helps to have informed counsel in your corner after a tragic event. Contact a truck wreck attorney so you can benefit from their vast expertise.