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You Can Avoid A Lengthy Custody Battle

Are you trying to avoid a custody battle? You are not alone. Many people are doing their best to keep their children safe, but they do not realize that they are engaging in activities that could lead to a nasty custody battle.

These tips will help you avoid a lengthy and serious custody battle.

Try Not to Waste Time

Nobody likes to have their time wasted, but some people get caught up in causing frustration even if they do not mean to. Avoid restricting time or being overprotective if the issues at hand do not have to do with the child's best interest. Your ex may be more likely to work with you (and the judge will have a better opinion of you) if you are not combative and do not waste somebody's time.

Don't Alienate Your Child's Parent

It is also important that you do not try to turn your child against his or her other parent. This can be seen as a type of emotional abuse, and it can lead to a court battle in which your child is deemed in danger because of alienation.

Don't Lie to the Court

Lying to the court can lead to charges of perjury. Make sure you avoid making false statements because they can be used against you in court. You only have one chance to build trust with the court, so make sure that you are honest in accordance with your attorney's advice.

 Keep Track of Any Misconduct

Violations of custody orders should be reported to your divorce or custody attorney. Keep track of the details, including dates and times of these problems. At the same time, make sure that you do not violate orders or engage in misconduct on your own part.

Keep Your Mind on What Is Important

Your child is the most important thing here. You want to ensure that he or she has a positive relationship with both parents and that this is in his or her best interest. Make sure that you take the actions that allow your child to have these fulfilling relationships.

Hire a Custody Attorney

Even though you might not want to go to court, it is important that you hire a family law attorney who understands custody issues. You should work with an attorney no matter your hopes for the future, and they will guide you through the steps forward.

To learn more, contact a child custody attorney.